About The IMJA

The International Messianic Jewish Alliance (IMJA) is the world wide fellowship of Jewish people who have accepted Yeshua (Jesus) as their Messiah. It carries out ministries through the work of its affiliated national alliances who unite their efforts to fulfill the aims of the international body.

The International Messianic Jewish Alliance seeks to represent the common interests of Jewish believers throughout the world. The purpose of the International Alliance is to care for the spiritual and material welfare of all Jewish believers and to maintain within the Jewish people a witness to Yeshua the Messiah.

Membership in the IMJA is open to all Jewish believers in Yeshua who accept the Word of God as contained in the Old and New Covenants, and fellowship with other believers in a community of faith. Non-Jewish believers who identify with the ministry of the IMJA are associate members and play an important and vital role in God’s work through this ministry.

Our Mission


The IMJA serves as an “umbrella” for the Messianic Jewish national alliances, and most ministries and missions to the Jewish people.